Last updated: 9/15/2020

In the event of a member of the Wolfpack organization tests positive for COVID-19 or having been exposed, the following procedures are in place for notification, quarantine and return to play:


We encourage players, parents and coaches to stay home if they don’t feel well.  Seek medical advice if you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

If a Wolfpack coach, player or family member tests positive or learns of direct exposure, please contact a board member immediately.

We will treat information regarding the identity of our members with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 as confidential.  However, our goal is to be as transparent as possible related to this illness. 


  1. If a member testing positive HAS been in direct contact with the team, all team members and coaches take a 14-day quarantine pause for all scheduled Wolfpack activities.
  2. If a member testing positive HAS NOT been in direct contact with the team, the team can continue normal activity.  The member must follow INDIVIDUAL RETURN TO PLAY PROTOCOLS outlined below.
  3. If a member is EXPOSED from DIRECT CONTACT outside of team activity (e.g. classroom, work, etc.) and NOT showing symptoms.  Member quarantines for 14 days but the team can continue normal activity.  The team was not exposed to a positive member but the member will self-monitor and stay away.
  4. If a member has NON-DIRECT CONTACT outside of a team activity (e.g. at a school but not in direct contact flow) and NOT showing symptoms. The member is permitted to continue activity but must self-monitor for symptoms.  If any change, default to #1 and #2 above.


  1. Two weeks (14 days) of quarantine after symptoms resolve and fever is gone.
  2. Doctors note that member is safe to return
  3. Recommend having a re-test prior to return

Once above is received, the board will review before return is approved.

West Morris Wolfpack Ice Hockey Club expects all members to disclose positive tests immediately, follow all of our protocols and state guidelines regarding contact tracing.  Any violations may result in suspension or removal from the organization. Let’s do our best to keep all our players and families safe!


As part of the Wolfpack Return to Play and Health Protocols, we are implementing the required use of the TeamSnap Health Check function within the app. It is available for each upcoming and future event on your schedule in the app.  It takes less than 1 minute.

This function is enabled 8 hours before each event’s start time (i.e. if practice is at 5pm the earliest you can do the health check is 9am). The Health Check function is an online self-assessment, right within the TeamSnap app. You will see the Health Check section on the Event Details Screen in the mobile app.
We are requiring this to be completed before every event and we will be monitoring compliance and reserve the right to not allow any player on the ice for non-compliance. Further, repeated noncompliance may lead to additional consequences.
Here is a quick 1 minute video of the feature:
TeamSnap does not store the specific responses to each question, only the status of whether the participant was cleared—which is not visible to other players and parents. And for further privacy reasons, the status details are only stored for 90-days.